Coast Coffee – Manx


A blend of Brazil, Ethiopia and Costa Rica

Tasting notes
Creamy choc, complex dried fruits, syrupy body, floral and sweet lingering after taste

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Like the vehicle namesake, this is an espresso blend with some fun and wild elements going on. A medium roast profile brings a nice body while keeping enough acidity and complexity to kick your morning up a gear and hit the dunes. Smooth creamy chocolate and toffee notes, with a delicately sweet and complex.

Grind types
no grinder at home? no worries!
Let us know at the checkout page how you would like to receive your coffee and we will grind it for you!

-Espresso domestic
-Espresso commercial
-Pour-over/ Delter press
-Batch Brewer
-French press

Not too sure what is best for you? Tell us what you use at home and leave the rest to us (:

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