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 If you appreciate our friendly no fuss approach to making sure Australians are drinking a better cup of coffee every morning then maybe we should be talking more about your businesses story and how we can help.

We have been supplying to restaurants, cafes and wholesale distributors for over a decade, as well as growing up in the industry ourselves. Being firm believers in having a farm to cup approach with our coffee, we have grown our products and relationships to ensure we have quality options from sourcing to pouring.

Our team can help advise on numerous topics related to your needs. From choosing, supplying and installation of equipment, to education in work flow and training on the tools. We also work closely with our partnered brands in supply of packaging and other goods for the café.


Check out some of our services below!



The roast team here at Coast Coffee believe in treating the product with the respect it deserves, while ensuring the best taste outcome for the client and customer.

We can offer a wide range of quality roasts and services, including

·The meticulously constructed blends you see on our site·

·High quality single origins and seasonal blends·

·White label contract roast services·

·Bespoke roast solutions working with you to create your own·


The business ensures we select quality beans from reputable farms and maintain tight relationships with our importers and suppliers. ​


Our direct relationship with Custom Paper cups, also means we can help to put together a range of bespoke custom branded cups for your business, or offer you quality off the shelf options. We are big supporters of compostable and environmentally friendly options, which we have available through the ‘My Earth Cup’ range.


We also offer a large range of syrups, powders and barista gear to compliment your coffee world, along with takeaway and café add ons.

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